Remove “You may use these HTML tags and attributes”

Already we had known that wordpress is light and very easy to use. There are various tips and tricks about wordpress to customizing it. For example, how to remove the words of “You may use these HTML tags and attributes: “. It’s located at the bottom of a page or a post that an option for people to leave a reply to the post.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: a href=”” title=”” abbr title=”” acronym title=”” b blockquote cite=”” cite code del datetime=”” em i q cite=”” strike strong

The solution is a simple task but depends on your theme.

Just go to your wp-admin page, Appearance -> Editor.

On the right hand side you should see comments.php file and edit it as in the previous post. Look into comments.php, for the

then apply this edit:


Another way to do it with just css would be:


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