Monsta FTP Cloudware – based on PHP / Ajax


This time, we want to share a cloud application, which is called the Monsta FTP Cloudware. As seen its name, this application is an open source application that delivers a range of the function of FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Monsta FTP using PHP and Ajax scripts that allows users to organize files directly from their preferred web browser for example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and so on. Currently, users can upload files with a ‘drag & drops’ task where it can be done even in huge quantities of files. Monsta-Cloudware-FTP-screenshot

Among other benefits of this application is supports FTP function on Linux and Windows platform, as well as users can edit files while they are “live” status. This proved to be easier for users which often make changes to the file to this blog while to upload and change “permission” files using FTP protocol.Monsta-Cloudware-FTP-screenshot

For those who want to know more about this application, you can go to Monsta website at or download it at here. If you want to try Monsta Cloudware FTP click here.

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